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Foundations with Emily 60 min 2023.02.03

This Week • 49m

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  • Gomukhasana Sequence with Abbie 30 mi...

    Gomukhasana is a ground of being pose. The sequence of Gomukhasana, cow-face pose, flushes the joints of our hips, knees and ankles. It's also a therapeutic pose for sciatica and increases blood flow to our reproductive organs. Gomukhasana engages our sacral plate to wrap around the front, which ...

  • Folding for Function 30 min 2023.01.20

    The shortest route between two points on a map isn’t a line, but a fold. Folding is a foundational function of our practice, matching up the corners of our frame: creating a dialogue between the top and the bottom, front and back, past and potential, so that we might find ourselves potentiated in...

  • Winter's Pattern with Cari Friedman 6...

    Winter’s pattern teaches us to bundle up, slow down, reflect and take care of one's self. Forward folds nurture and feed our kidneys for safety, leaving us grounded and prepared for the season to come.