This Week

  • Ready to Sprout with Abbie 30 min 2023.03.24

    In this class we start with the dregs of winter, the last vestiges of grounding, as the sprout can be seen peeking out from the soil, ready to break through its wintery surface to new life with a more energetic trajectory. We start low in the depths of our kidneys and anticipate spring with back...

  • Cleaning Up Joint Space with Felicia Franklin 60 min 2023.03.17

    We have 12 major joints in our bodies. In this class we address working in joint space to start cleaning out any plaque, and/or stiffness, replacing it with more fluidity, to avoid dis-ease.

  • A Full Sphere Practice with Gili 60 mins 2023.03.10

    We are greater than the sum of our parts. In this practice we bring awareness to every piece of us with isolated and full-bodied movements so that we can more fully inhabit our spheres.

  • Angles for Insights with Mary Dana 30 min 2023.03.03

    In this short practice we look at how angles can foster insights in our asana practice through basic folds, dog variations and twists; exploring how the simple is often the key to the more complex and apply this as a tool to navigate and understand our own lived experience with more clarity.

  • Asana with Abbie 60 mins 2023.02.24

    In this class we move through a rigorous practice designed to build stamina while exploring some of our traditional Katonah material in a more progressive way.

  • Restorative with Chase 30 min 2023.02.17

    Stacking techniques allows us to be more potent with our time. In this restorative sequence we embody well structured poses in order to allow our awareness to move into the subtle body.

  • Experiencing Breath with Kyle Freeman 60 min 2023.02.10

    What happens when we shift into presence and being with the sensations of breath? In this class we alternate between techniques of being and doing. Both allowing ourselves to be with the breath and then to more actively manipulate it.

  • Foundations with Emily 60 min 2023.02.03

    A well set up structure functions and holds up over time. In this class we use measure and cross referencing as tools to set up sustainable and voluminous shapes that give us more space to move and inhabit our bodies.

  • Gomukhasana Sequence with Abbie 30 min 2023.01.27

    Gomukhasana is a ground of being pose. The sequence of Gomukhasana, cow-face pose, flushes the joints of our hips, knees and ankles. It's also a therapeutic pose for sciatica and increases blood flow to our reproductive organs. Gomukhasana engages our sacral plate to wrap around the front, which ...

  • Folding for Function 30 min 2023.01.20

    The shortest route between two points on a map isn’t a line, but a fold. Folding is a foundational function of our practice, matching up the corners of our frame: creating a dialogue between the top and the bottom, front and back, past and potential, so that we might find ourselves potentiated in...

  • Winter's Pattern with Cari Friedman 60 min 2023.01.13

    Winter’s pattern teaches us to bundle up, slow down, reflect and take care of one's self. Forward folds nurture and feed our kidneys for safety, leaving us grounded and prepared for the season to come.

  • Recipes for Joy with Alex Scerri 60 min 2023.01.06

    In this class, we play with the metaphor of “the body as a house.” As such, we will renovate, clean and organize our abode in order to achieve enhanced function and ultimately, a more joyful experience.

  • Traversing the Personal Abode with Abbie 60 min 2022.12.30

    Traveling the territory of the magic square, in this pranayama class, we will visit each room of our personal abode with our imagination, riding the breath, following the route, articulating each room's significance and the meaning it holds for us.

  • Restorative with Kyle 60 min 2022.12.23

    In this class we use asana in the context of restoration to offer us more availability to connect with our mind, our body, our breath and the world around us.

  • Repetition, Technique, and Time with Felicia 30 min 2022.12.16

    It takes repetition, technique and time to fully embody postures in your practice, change chemistry and move currency. Using measure allows us to follow the same recipe to develop technique, find the practice in our bodies and engage our imaginations, allowing us to find new avenues to change ou...

  • Kidneys and Kindness with Marco 60 min 2022.12.09

    This practice dedicated to the water element is an invitation to go slow and stay low, in contact with the soil to nourish, as plants do, the body from its roots and return to the earth what we no longer need. We are accustomed to associating emotions such as fear and terror with the kidneys, but...

  • Foundations with Jessica 30 min 2022.12.02

    This foundational class moves us gently through folding and unfolding with a nod to the spit in each form. Our spit, our central line, reminds us to move forward, see the long view and not to be afraid to delve into deep waters.

  • Asana with Abbie 60 min 2022.11.25

    As we move into late fall, we reflect on the year we've spent, anticipating the winter ahead, preparing to go deeper inside ourselves. Twisting gives us the vision of lunar (left) and solar (right) as we cross over the threshold (middle) in order to access the third strand (center) which is our p...

  • Restorative with Kyle Freeman 30 min 2022.11.18

    In this 30 minute restorative sequence we find our roots (our stability) by moving through a hang practice, then fold inwards to soothe and recharge our kidneys (our internal battery).

  • Bedtime Wind Down with Giuliana 30 min 2022.11.11

    Soothe your system in this bedtime wind down meditation designed to discharge the day's emotional imprint and lull the body to sleep.

  • Foundations with Ty 60 min 2022.11.04

    In this foundational practice of folding, unfolding and twisting, we will set up the basics of a Katonah yoga practice: a framework of frame work.

  • Katonah Yoga with Chase 60 min 2022.10.28

    In this class we will explore the habitual and formal relationships we have to the ways in which we use our feet. Our literal foundation and esoteric root system can give us a wealth of information to the ways in which we find grounding and stability in our lives; as well as our physiological pat...

  • Restorative with Mary Dana 60 min 2022.10.21

    Cultivate your foundation and tend to your soil in this restorative class that explores contact to facilitate being grounded, spherical and insightful. We will explore our embodied terrain in hip-centered asanas and supported twists both on and off a yoga chair.

  • Pranayama with Abbie 2022.10.14

    This pranayama practice takes us on a journey of embodiment from the top, our stellar nature, where our intentions are, to our depths, our lunar nature, how we develop a sense of belonging. We use our solar nature to mediate how effervescent we are up above connecting us to the heavenly, with how...