This Week

  • 2020.10.16 Katonah Restorative with Samara

    Open up your collarbones in Samara's newest class, as she leads us through the pole sequence to prepare the body for greater opening before moving into deep restorative postures.

  • Katonah Yoga with Abbie 10.09.20

    Ground your being in Abbie's newest class as she leads us through a rich and deep grounding practice. The beauty of a practice like this is to be low and slow and find more and more connections in the body. We play in the soil to amend it and to refine it, to bring fresh nutrients and minerals in...

  • Katonah Foundations with Jessica 10.02.20

    Access the ascending energy of the spleen in Jessica's newest class as she leads us through foundational poses that ground us into our roots, so we can better ascend, rise up and potentiate ourselves.

  • Katonah Restorative with Maya 09.25.20

    Feed and soothe your nervous system in Maya's newest class as she leads us through a meditative restorative practice that focuses on finding your breath and making the conscious choice to soften into a parasympathetic state. Poses: backbends, cat cow, dog, hangs, pigeon, gomukhasana

  • Katonah Yoga with Kyle 09.18.20

    Learn how to sequence a class as Kyle leads us through a classic Katonah asana practice filled with dogs, warriors and twists. Join Kyle as he discusses how he thinks about putting classes together and how each pose gives birth to the next, all while weaving in our rich theory.

  • Katonah Chair Sequence with Abbie Galvin

    Join Abbie as she walks us through some of the basic Katonah Yoga chair set ups. Chairs offer support so we can release the arduousness of a pose, making it more therapeutic. When something is therapeutic we are playing in joint space, letting go of muscle which is effortful. The chair holds our ...

  • Wraps for Rapture with Chase Connolly

    Learn the wraps for rapture in Chase's newest class, as he leads us through a guided meditation and pranayama practice designed to explore the polarities of the magic square, wrapping ourselves in our own neurology so that we become buoyant and capacious. We contain particulates of the entire cos...

  • Sun & Moon Salutations with Abbie Galvin

    Join Abbie as she leads us through the Katonah sun and moon salutation sequences. We start sun salutations standing at the front of our mat because sun salutations are yang and active, whereas we start moon salutations seated at the back of our mat because moon salutations are yin and chill. Both...