This Week

  • Katonah Restorative with Kyle 01.15.21

    Release your personal investment in Kyle's newest class, to iron out the foibles, habits and tendencies that keep you stuck. Eventually time is the great equalizer, rather than effort being the great equalizer.

  • Katonah Yoga with Abbie 01.08.21

    Articulate your wave in Abbie's newest class as she leads us through a traditional Katonah Yoga practice. A wave is the embodiment of your arches, as currency moves through your form. Each wave articulates the personal measure of your arch, which is your nature, your character.

  • Katonah Yoga with Jessica 01.01.21

    Access the kidney energy of winter in Jessica's newest class, as she leads us through a ground of being practice. Winter time is associated with the water element, a time when we experience the depth of water, waters run deep, water freezes and becomes reflective. So have a real winter, go in, st...

  • Katonah Yoga with Samara 12.25.20

    Get deep into your hips in Samara's newest class as she leads us through an extended hang sequence. The trick with a hang pose is time, if you stay in it long enough your upper body will drop, making more and more contact with your lower body allowing you to fold deep into your hips and putting y...

  • Pranayama with Abbie 12.18.20

    Move your waters in Abbie's newest class. Your kidneys are your personal waters and when you feel sluggish, it's your waters that are stagnant, so stir it and keep things moving.

  • Katonah Plow Sequence with Abbie Galvin

    Join Abbie as she leads us through the 4 plows of the Katonah Yoga practice. Plows are longevity poses and can be challenging, but once set up correctly, plows can be extremely relaxing and rewarding. This incredibly therapeutic pose opens up all of the joints, brings pliancy to a stiff back, slo...

  • Katonah Foundations with Jessica 10.02.20

    Access the ascending energy of the spleen in Jessica's newest class as she leads us through foundational poses that ground us into our roots, so we can better ascend, rise up and potentiate ourselves.