This Week

  • Pranayama with Abbie 04.09.21

    Follow the route of the magic square in Abbie's newest class as she leads us through a potent pranayama practice where we move through the rooms of the house, weaving the golden thread through our bodies.

  • Katonah Yoga with Samara 04.02.21

    Find more height in Samara's newest class as she leads us through an invigorating Katonah Yoga sequence. We go up on fingertips so we can find more height, rather than using our hand to support our weight in a pose, so that ultimately the form lifts us up rather than pulls us down.

  • Katonah Restorative with Maya 03.26.21

    Witness your habits and propensities in Maya's newest class. The virtue of a restorative practice is that poses are slowed down and held for longer, enabling us to familiarize ourselves with our personal habits and propensities, through the narration of our thoughts, which in turn allows us to re...

  • Katonah Longevity Sequence with Abbie Galvin

  • Katonah Yoga with Mary Dana 03.12.21

  • Katonah Foundations with Jessica 03.05.21

    Access your primary fold in Jessica's newest class, as she leads us through a foundational sequence. The hip hinge, which is engaged in forward folding, is the primary fold of the body. It is this first fold that gives birth to all other fits and folds within our practice.