This Week

  • Katonah Pranayama with Alex 06.11.21

    Open your windows in Alex's newest class. By practicing breathing techniques, we consciously put ourselves in contact with our organs and glands, building endurance and elasticity in our nervous systems, which boosts our ability to mediate obstacles in our daily lives.

  • Katonah Prenatal with Cassandra 06.04.21

    Join us for our first prenatal class! Cassandra offers a sequence that focuses on directing the awareness and insight of the third floor to descend down and tune in to what's changing on the first floor, underneath the surface, as the humble abode of the body becomes a humble abode for someone else.

  • Katonah Restorative with Kyle 05.28.21

    Expand your potential in Kyle's newest class. By engaging the dialogue between right and left we can engender the form of the torso which allows us to open our front body to backbend and thread through.

  • Katonah Forward Bend with Abbie 05.21.21

    Join Abbie for a Katonah forward bending sequence. Forward bends support our kidneys, our waters, as they move us deep into our unconscious by virtue of the breath. As we ride the wave of our breath, following its pattern in this therapeutic form, we can travel deeper and deeper into our unconsci...

  • Katonah Yoga with Maya 05.14.21

    Generate heat in Maya's newest class as she leads us through a stimulating asana practice. As we circle the pelvis we generate a heat that comes from deep in our organs, lighting our first fire to ignite the currency coursing through each pose.

  • Katonah Yoga Foundations with Mary Dana 05.07.21

    Learn to fold from your hip joint in Mary Dana's newest class as she leads us through a foundational practice. Play with folding and unfolding to backbend up and off the fold of the hips, then twist to reference everything... what's behind us, our memories and what's in front of us, our potential.

  • Katonah Yoga with Abbie 04.30.21

    Have a lunar, solar and stellar experience in Abbie's newest class. When doing any pose, first you do the pose the way you do it, which is your lunar experience. Then you refine it based on what you've learned, what you know, which is your solar experience. The third experience is your stellar ex...