Katonah Restorative

  • Katonah Restorative with Maya 03.26.21

    Witness your habits and propensities in Maya's newest class. The virtue of a restorative practice is that poses are slowed down and held for longer, enabling us to familiarize ourselves with our personal habits and propensities, through the narration of our thoughts, which in turn allows us to re...

  • Katonah Restorative with Samara 02.19.21

  • Katonah Restorative with Kyle 01.15.21

    Release your personal investment in Kyle's newest class, to iron out the foibles, habits and tendencies that keep you stuck. Eventually time is the great equalizer, rather than effort being the great equalizer.

  • Katonah Restorative with Jess 12.04.20

    Light your pilot light in Jessica's newest class by traveling your imagination down to your pelvis and igniting your first fire. Strike the match in your pelvis so that the mansion of fire and water in your kidneys starts to boil and create steam which can rise up through the lungs to feed your o...

  • Katonah Restorative with Kyle 11.13.20

    Play with polarities in Kyle's newest class, to better orient yourself in time and space. Whenever you engage with opposites, front to back, in to out, right to left, you are playing polarities and when it comes to polarities you are always the mediator, the third principle that mediates two things.

  • Katonah Restorative with Samara 10.16.20

    Open up your collarbones in Samara's newest class, as she leads us through the pole sequence to prepare the body for greater opening before moving into deep restorative postures.

  • Katonah Restorative with Maya 09.25.20

    Feed and soothe your nervous system in Maya's newest class as she leads us through a meditative restorative practice that focuses on finding your breath and making the conscious choice to soften into a parasympathetic state. Poses: backbends, cat cow, dog, hangs, pigeon, gomukhasana

  • Katonah Restorative with Cassandra 08.21.20

    Rest and restore in Cassandra's newest class as she leads us through backbends over blocks, cat cow, gomukhasana, hangs, and twists

  • Katonah Restorative with Kyle 07.28.20

    Join Kyle for a Katonah Restorative practice as he leads us through supported bridge variations, cat cow, and pigeon variations.