Katonah Sequences

  • Sun & Moon Salutations with Abbie Galvin

    Join Abbie as she leads us through the Katonah sun and moon salutation sequences. We start sun salutations standing at the front of our mat because sun salutations are yang and active, whereas we start moon salutations seated at the back of our mat because moon salutations are yin and chill. Both...

  • Knee in the Floor, Foot in the Wall Sequence

    Join Abbie for our famous knee in the floor, foot in the wall sequence, designed to make room for the pubis, navel and sternum to rise and expand, by putting you deep into your hips, moving around your biggest joint and freeing up the front body for a rich backbend.

  • The Body as a Vehicle with Abbie

    Join Abbie for a Katonah Yoga Pranayama practice, as she moves us through the glands of the body using the metaphor of the body as a vehicle.

  • Katonah Lotus Sequence with Abbie

    Join Abbie to learn our Katonah lotus sequence as she shows us how to set it up, how to stay in it and how to move it around.

  • Katonah Block Set Ups with Kyle

    Join Kyle to learn the classic Katonah restorative block set ups as he shows us how to add props and support to poses like baddha konasana, bridge, and frog.

  • Katonah Pole Sequence with Abbie

    Join Abbie to learn our Katonah pole sequence as she shows us how to use a pole to make ourselves spherical. By taking a piece of linear information and putting it in all of its configurations with our bodies -- we can become a sphere.