Katonah Sequences

  • Bedtime Wind Down with Giuliana 30 min 2022.11.11

    Soothe your system in this bedtime wind down meditation designed to discharge the day's emotional imprint and lull the body to sleep.

  • Meditation with Giuliana 30 min 09.09.22

    Join Giuliana for a body scan meditation. Like yoga nidra, a guided body scan can help you reset and rest at any time of day. This non-sleep deep rest sequence will cultivate a deep sense of calm while retaining focus and alertness, leaving you feeling refreshed instead of groggy.

  • Giuliana Meditation 30 min 07.22.22

    Join Giuliana for a meditation on presence. Without trying to analyze, rationalize, fix or change anything, absorb yourself into the felt sense of the present moment.

  • Katonah Chairs with Mary Dana, 07.03.20

    Join Mary Dana for a Katonah Chair practice. A chair is an invaluable, supportive, objective tool that provides scaffolding to support our poses. It's a leveling tool that allows us to release the personal investment we may have in our practice, so that we don't have to muscle our way through it.

  • HANG SEQUENCE with Felicia Franklin 30 min 05.27.22

    Build stamina, substantiate your roots and explore your staying power in this 30 minute hang sequence.

  • SHOULDER SHOULDER HIP HIP with Alex Sharry 30 min 04.29.22

    Refine your main frame in Alex's newest class as she leads us through a mini sequence designed to access the frame of hips and shoulders, using props to integrate the pelvis and open the upper body, going over every crease to build a stable structure, just like origami.

  • Lotus Sequence with Abbie 01.28.22

    The beauty of lotus is that the bind of the legs sends blood and currency to the torso and organs, moving us into our hips to generate more fluency.

  • Reverse Namaste with Abbie 09.17.21

    Join Abbie for this short sequence exploring reverse namaste. Learn how we can open the throat and lungs and raise the antenna when we organize, orient and use the geometry of our body to find the middle of ourselves with dimension.

  • A Pigeon Both Ways with Abbie 07.16.21

    Join Abbie for a short pigeon sequence exploring this therapeutic pose upright and lying on the back to move currency through the hips, legs, ankles and feet in order to give more pliancy to our folds.

  • Katonah Prenatal with Cassandra 06.04.21

    Join us for our first prenatal class! Cassandra offers a sequence that focuses on directing the awareness and insight of the third floor to descend down and tune in to what's changing on the first floor, underneath the surface, as the humble abode of the body becomes a humble abode for someone else.

  • Katonah Forward Bend with Abbie 05.21.21

    Join Abbie for a Katonah forward bending sequence. Forward bends support our kidneys, our waters, as they move us deep into our unconscious by virtue of the breath. As we ride the wave of our breath, following its pattern in this therapeutic form, we can travel deeper and deeper into our unconsci...

  • Katonah Longevity Sequence with Abbie Galvin

  • Katonah Shoulder Stand Setup

    Join Abbie as she leads us through the Katonah shoulder stand set up. Learn the full set up with props and chairs, as well as a simplified version you can do on your own. Either way the set ups give us the support we need to stay longer, in order to reap the benefits of this supremely therapeutic...

  • Katonah Plow Sequence with Abbie Galvin

    Join Abbie as she leads us through the 4 plows of the Katonah Yoga practice. Plows are longevity poses and can be challenging, but once set up correctly, plows can be extremely relaxing and rewarding. This incredibly therapeutic pose opens up all of the joints, brings pliancy to a stiff back, slo...

  • The Heavenly Cycle with Abbie Galvin

    The heavenly cycle, also known as the 8 attitudes of achievement is a pranayama practice designed to move through the process of achievement in time, to move you forward just as a wheel moves forward, moving all around yourself with you in the middle.

  • Katonah Chair Sequence with Abbie Galvin

    Join Abbie as she walks us through some of the basic Katonah Yoga chair set ups. Chairs offer support so we can release the arduousness of a pose, making it more therapeutic. When something is therapeutic we are playing in joint space, letting go of muscle which is effortful. The chair holds our ...

  • Wraps for Rapture with Chase Connolly

    Learn the wraps for rapture in Chase's newest class, as he leads us through a guided meditation and pranayama practice designed to explore the polarities of the magic square, wrapping ourselves in our own neurology so that we become buoyant and capacious. We contain particulates of the entire cos...

  • Sun & Moon Salutations with Abbie Galvin

    Join Abbie as she leads us through the Katonah sun and moon salutation sequences. We start sun salutations standing at the front of our mat because sun salutations are yang and active, whereas we start moon salutations seated at the back of our mat because moon salutations are yin and chill. Both...

  • Knee in the Floor, Foot in the Wall Sequence

    Join Abbie for our famous knee in the floor, foot in the wall sequence, designed to make room for the pubis, navel and sternum to rise and expand, by putting you deep into your hips, moving around your biggest joint and freeing up the front body for a rich backbend.

  • The Body as a Vehicle with Abbie

    Join Abbie for a Katonah Yoga Pranayama practice, as she moves us through the glands of the body using the metaphor of the body as a vehicle.

  • Katonah Lotus Sequence with Abbie

    Join Abbie to learn our Katonah lotus sequence as she shows us how to set it up, how to stay in it and how to move it around.

  • Katonah Pole Sequence with Abbie

    Join Abbie to learn our Katonah pole sequence as she shows us how to use a pole to make ourselves spherical. By taking a piece of linear information and putting it in all of its configurations with our bodies -- we can become a sphere.

  • Katonah Block Set Ups with Kyle

    Join Kyle to learn the classic Katonah restorative block set ups as he shows us how to add props and support to poses like baddha konasana, bridge, and frog.