Katonah Foundations

  • Foundations with Chase 01.07.22

    Join Chase for a foundational sequence exploring cross referencing and the Magic Square to organize your frame and construct a good container for the breath. Learn how to reorient yourself in a pose and develop facility using the map of the Magic Square in your practice.

  • Katonah Foundations with Samara 08.27.21

    Join Samara as she guides us through the fundamentals of the Katonah Yoga practice. Develop techniques from the ground up as she carefully explains how to use the body, imagination, and props to measure, orient oneself, fold in joint space, and find center.

  • Katonah Foundations with Kyle 07.09.21

    Use contact for leverage in Kyle's newest class, as he leads us through a foundational sequence that shows us how contact creates a dialogue... a conversation... that allows us to explore how we can better organize ourselves.

  • Katonah Yoga Foundations with Mary Dana 05.07.21

    Learn to fold from your hip joint in Mary Dana's newest class as she leads us through a foundational practice. Play with folding and unfolding to backbend up and off the fold of the hips, then twist to reference everything... what's behind us, our memories and what's in front of us, our potential.

  • Katonah Foundations with Jessica 03.05.21

    Access your primary fold in Jessica's newest class, as she leads us through a foundational sequence. The hip hinge, which is engaged in forward folding, is the primary fold of the body. It is this first fold that gives birth to all other fits and folds within our practice.

  • Katonah Foundations with Jessica 10.02.20

    Access the ascending energy of the spleen in Jessica's newest class as she leads us through foundational poses that ground us into our roots, so we can better ascend, rise up and potentiate ourselves.

  • Katonah Foundations with Samara 08.07.20

    Join Samara for a Katonah Yoga practice as she leads us through pranayama, dogs, cat cow, hangs, chairs, lunges, twists, and pigeons.

  • Katonah Foundations with Chase 07.07.20

    Join Chase for a Katonah Foundations practice as he leads us through cat cow, hangs, poles, twists, squats, and pranayama

  • Katonah Foundations with Jessica 06.02.20

    Join Jessica for a Katonah Foundations practice as she leads us through backbends, frog, pranayama, cat cow, hangs, planks, lunges, sun salutations, and plow.