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Katonah Yoga with Samara 12.25.20

Katonah Yoga • 1h 8m

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    Embody the archetype of a triangle in Kyle's newest class. Yoga is origami for the body, it's all about folding. And just like paper origami when you set up a good first fold all other folds will be more efficient and effective.

  • Katonah Yoga with Alex 11.27.20

    Work up to a gomukhasana in Alex's newest class. Find space through your sacrum, in this therapeutic pose, which is especially good for nerve pain in the lower back. Nerve pain is like a live wire, but when you keep good contact with the floor through your pelvis it grounds that wire, so be sure ...

  • Katonah Yoga with Maya 11.06.20

    Breathe more space in between each and every vertebrae, inflate the balloons of your lungs and let them lift you up in Maya's newest class as she leads us through a classic asana practice consisting of hangs, lunges, dogs and twists to open up the body in order to take in more breath, leaving you...